Monday, February 22, 2010

so...that whole complaining thing

Well....lots of dollars should be going in jars b/c of my complaints. Actually, I didn't even have time to make the jar before life got a little out of control.

Last Tuesday the girls came down with colds. Fevers quickly followed and Lily's asthma went into full swing. Sam started to get sick and my mom quickly swooped in to lend a hand.

Friday, I went to my appointment to try and figure out a plan for my thyroid. The dr. was an internist and told me she really couldn't do much and that I needed to see and Endocrinologist.

I came home focusing on the fact that I needed to make an appointment right away with the Endo dr. and found out I wouldn't get in until next Friday. I started to think about the week ahead and was instantly overwhelmed.
Then it all hit, lack of sleep, kids sick, house duties, etc. Add to this Eloise insisting on sleeping without a diaper despite the fact that she can't hold her pee at night, (think LOTS and LOTS of laundry). Then thyroid symptoms hit hard.

My mom left yesterday and Sam was getting worse. Dave came home from church and got a txt to go to the Blazer game. I told him it was okay to go and I burst into tears. Being the loving husband that he is, he didn't go. This is a BIG sacrifice for him b/c he loves the blazers.

Today I took Sam and Lily into the dr. after much agonizing (I hate taken my kids to the dr. for useless appointments). Lily still doing okay (but on lots of steroid's so she's crazy) and Sam has RSV. Lily had this when she was only 10 days old and it's doomed her ever since with asthma. I'm hoping Sam doesn't follow.

Add to all this a biopsy I have tomorrow for a suspicious looking mole thing that grew on my scalp while I was pregnant with Sam. I'm so nervous for the procedure (not really the results, I'm pretty sure it's going to be okay).

So complaining...yep, I'm trying people, really trying. But today, when I had a screaming toddler who I had to put in her room b/c I was afraid I might get really mad at her, it was really hard to keep a lid on it. At one point I put the Sass juice in the middle of the table and thought that maybe I needed some. (I'll explain Sass Juice later).

But I will add this, so much support from friends and my church family. The coffee's brought to my house and the meals have been great. You all are amazing!


TcH said...

Hey Kate, I will be sending extra prayers your way tonight. but also wanted to ask, will Eloise go to bed with panties on, but with a pull up on top?? we did that with Kam and so it made her still feel like a "big girl" but was some added protection. I just literally bought the cheap pull ups at Target to get us through. Plus if she has panties on, it might wake her up when she starts to go b/c it wont be absorbing like a diaper.

Hang in there my friend. ((hugs))

anne said...

Praying for you and your sweet family! I love you lots old friend...even if we haven't seen each other in quite some time. Please know that I enjoy the "real" you. Your heart blesses me from afar. God is using you for great things right now and I'm excited to see what He has in store for you.

Praying that all goes well!

amanda said...

oh wow friend. you really. really. need a mommy time out! if only our worlds weren't so far apart - thinking of you and sending happy vibes. and healthy vibes. and lots of hugs and prayers.


Shelby said...

Kate....what a rough week. I am praying things get easier for you! I'm sorry to hear that Sam has RSV. I hope he gets over it soon with no lasting effects! Also...Jess had a mole on her scalp (way back when she was 2) and we had it biopsied. It was not cancerous but the cells weren't favorable for staying healthy so they went back in and took more out. It wasn't a big deal at all!

Sass juice...had to use it today on the little one and 'almost' on the big one. You were an answer for me with that! God works in mysterious ways.

And must take it easy on yourself in re: the complaining. This isn't the week to start the jar! You have way too much on your plate. Start when you know you will be able to put a 'good' week under your belt!

prayers and hugs to you my friend!

Kim said...

I have been a Looky Loo on your blog for some time. I have 4 children that are way on their way to being grown. They now range in age from 12-19 but I remember the days of them all being small very well. Through my life there were only 2 things that got me through. #1 and most important, lots and lots of prayer. #2 laughter! I have used laughter in my most stressful trials in my life. When things seem to be spinning around you, sick or cranky kids, housework, bills to pay..etc. just sit in the middle of the floor with the little ones around you and just play. The laughter will begin and wonderful memories just begin to flood. The dishes can wait, they cant. Just enjoy them. Sit and read or play games and just laugh with your kids. My kids are much older now and that is a fond memory of their childhood. All of this will pass quickly. Enjoy it...even in the sickness and tons of laundry.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Allikaye's Mama said...

I just prayed for you! If I lived closer I would come hear your complaints...and share some of my own! :0) And bring some sugar in the form of happy cupcakes.