Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm still tired, but we've made some movement towards this little guy sleeping for a stretch of at least 8 hours.

Once I connected the anxiety and shaking to sleep deprivation, I've made more of an effort to take rest and try and eliminate the extra during a time that doesn't allow for extra.

Yesterday I prayed over Sam and our house to have supernatural rest. Sam slept for almost 2 hours and I slept in Lily's bed (girls were resting together in my bed) for and hour and a half. It was the most amazing rest I've had in a while.

He's cried at night. Last night was for almost 2 hours. The good part -- he's not a screamer, he's just fussing and sometimes talking. But he's figuring out how to put himself back to sleep without mama nursing him there. It feels a bit more exhausting, but I know, know for sure, that our family needs me to sleep and this really is the only option.

So thanks for the prayers and encouragement, we appreciate it.

It's a good thing the little guy is cute.


TcH said...

I think that's why God makes them cute, so we dont leave them on the corner.
glad that you have prayed, and have seen places you need to make a few changes.
Love ya!!!

Betty said...

I prayed for you while I was feeding Hannah at 2AM this morning. Anxious to hear how the night went for you. Hang in there girl. You are a wonderful, loving mamma and you are doing a great job taking care of your children. Thanks for all of your support even during your sleep deprivation. You are an amazing woman. Hugs, Betty

Jenny said...

I remember one time when I was SO frustrated with Gabe and I went into his room and he gave me the hugest smile ever and it just melted my heart. I am glad that God makes them SO lovable!
I agree with Betty, you are a wonderful mommy and you're doing a great job.
LOVE baby laughs!
Glad that you got a good nap and praying for you. ((hugs))

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh that video is so amazingly cute!! It brought the biggest smile to our faces! Allikaye watched it with me...she said he is so cute! Prayers are being lifted up for you girl!!

Jusbeth said...

Kate, it will get better. Glad you got some rest. It is hard, they are cute, and I am so with you...

Shelby said...

Hugs Kate. He is adorable!

Hoover Family said...

That is great to hear. He will be sleeping thru in no time.

For three weeks straight Benjamin screamed (all out scream, not just fussing) for 2-3 hours everynight. We finally connected it to me weaning him and the formula he was on. We have him on soy now and he is sleeping again. I can totally relate ... I hope you get 10+ hrs straight soon! You will feel like a new woman!

amanda said...

it's amazing how much magic two hours of sleep will do for a baby and his mama :)

here's to lots and lots more!