Sunday, February 14, 2010

a reason for being tired

Dave got the job full time!!!! This is such a blessing and he is super jacked to be working at Parliament. It's a great group of people and we feel that the Lord has led us right to this place.

While Dave was working on figuring out if this job was a right fit, I was adjusting to life at home full time with the kids. This was a first for me b/c Dave was always home during the day before.

I started to feel extremely tired. I figured it was because of Sam crazy sleeping habits. So we made the effort to work on him sleeping longer stretches. When I was finally getting stretches longer than 3 hours I was still heavily fatigued. And it took me at least and hour to fall asleep despite being thoroughly exhausted.

With sleep deprivation came shaky hands. Tremors. Then I was feeling irritable and having several anxiety attacks. Then let's throw in insatiable appetite while trying to lose weight. I felt like I was going crazy. I thought I was hitting postpartum 6 months into having a baby. I know it's possible, but I didn't suffer from it with Lily or Eloise.

I asked some friends I knew who had struggled with anxiety and depression after kids. But something just didn't sound right. A friend suggested I have my thyroid tested.

I had a blood test done last week and found out I have Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism). I have almost every symptom (besides goiter - thankfully). My mom had this and heredity is one of the main contributors.

I haven't had relief from the symptoms but I feel a huge sense of peace knowing that there is a solid reason behind what I'm feeling. My hands still shake, my heart beats irregularly, and I don't sleep well. I have an appointment this week to figure out the medication plan. Until then, my mom is coming to help and I've got some play dates lined up.


McKt said...

Praise God on the job!

I got the exact same diagnosis in December when my 3rd baby was 6 months. The doc put me on beta blockers and after a couple of weeks I was able to sleep. Have been on the anti-thyroid medicines for about a month and all the other symptoms are starting to level out. Hopefully your doc will work everything out quickly for you.

Shelby said...

Hugs Kate! I am so glad you got some answers. I hope that will provide you some needed rest and put your mind at ease a bit more!

Thank God that Dave got the job! Yeah!!!

amanda said...

huge yay for the job!!

hoping the appointment goes well this week and you and the doctor are able to get you some relief!!

Cutzi said...

Oh dear, Kate - although I am glad you found out what it was sooner than later. My mom's good friend has Graves as well and has benefited a lot from a strict diet. She's done the elimination diet and it has helped tremendously. I hope you're feeling better soon!