Thursday, June 14, 2007

it's difficult, but I'm up to the challenge

A good friend of mine affirmed for me the other day that my stage of life with these two young ones is difficult. I needed to hear that because I had been downplaying the chaos of it. I kept telling myself to "step up to the plate" and "grin and bear it". That I needed to be one of those moms who never lets on to the difficulty she is really experiencing. I think, for me, it would be unhealthy to continue this way.

I don't believe that complaining about your children will reap goodness. But I do believe that there has to be a place where you can tell it like it is. To say that this is tough.

As moms we are in this crazy world where 15 minutes of good rest will carry us thru the rest of the evening. We listen to incessant crying and whining, sometimes for hours on end. We battle naps, mealtimes, diaper changes, tantrums, etc...any mom could make lists that would go on forever.

After dealing with all of this, it's okay for me to say that this is difficult. It's extremely difficult but I'm up to the challenge. I'm up the challenge of raising two respectful, genuine, faithful, loving, and beautiful daughters.

BTW - my friend reminded me that I need to rest. That is my challenge. To rest with God, to rest with Dave and to rest in general.


Cutzi said...

Oh man, it is a challenge sometimes isn't it? I have two under two also and the sheer logistics of it are daunting sometimes. Let alone trying to get anywhere on time. I keep in mind that this rest-less frenzy is only for a season and am continually thankful for the joy and laughter I experience each day. Even if I am laughing at myself.

(I hope you know who I am - if you're one of Jodi's peeps you're one of mine too ;-)