Thursday, June 28, 2007

puking toddler or pooping baby

All moms know that newborns or babies within the first 6 months have blowouts. They often happen at the worst time - at the mall, in the car, or on you! All happen when you do NOT have a change of clothes in your diaper bag, or better yet, a spare diaper.

But the #1 worst situation a mother can find herself in is a puking the car! Yep, Eloise threw up today in the car. (the second time, last time I was pregnant). She was carsick after driving a few twists and turns. That doesn't speak well of her mama's driving.

I scrambled to turn the car around and had small anxiety attacks while trying to figure out which crying baby to bring in the house first. Lily won out.

I arrived home to strip Eloise down in the front yard and unlatch a car seat full of puke. (I grabbed my rubber gloves first). I threw her in the bath and hoped and prayed that this wasn't the flu. Thankfully an hour later she was bouncing off the walls and having a nutritious dinner of 3 banana muffins, popcorn and cheese. I'm nominated for supermom for that dinner.

I survived without crying. But I did have many conversations with the Lord about why I feel this is trial by fire. He hasn't responded yet. I'm hoping to get some time on Saturday to discuss it further with him.....without children in tow.

any tips for getting puke smell out of car seats will be greatly appreciated.


RachelC said...

Awww Kate, I know too well about puking toddlers *sigh*

Wash the cover in the machine and then soak the straps in white vinegar and let dry in the sun.

Cutzi said...

You need enzyme eater. You can get it at commercial cleaning stores or at Pet Stores. (Nature's Miracle works great - from Petsmart)

As long as I have kids in my home I've decided that leather couches, leather car upholstry and wood floors are the only way to go. It makes clean up SO much easier.

It's always an adventure isn't it?