Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So here I am....new to this world of blogging.

Not quite sure what this will become, but, I'm figuring this to be a great outlet for me to debrief about my day and to let friends and family at a distance, in on some of the daily musings of the Ahl girls and their parents.

Things to note. I am not a great writer, have horrible grammer, and use elipses alot....Of course always at the wrong time. But that's just me.

choosing a title was so hard for me. first is was life with two, then and unorganized life, and others titles that had to do with life. finally, I settled here. Life with two girls.

So..the two girls. Eloise Caroline, 20 months & Lily Grace, 3 months. As most of you know, Lily was an unexpected suprise. They are 17 months apart and very much different. I am eagerly awaiting the day when they can play together and Lily's personality will be revealed.

So this will be the daily accounts of us. Hope you find them interesting, funny, thought provoking, and an interesting view into the life with two girls.


Jodi said...

YAY!!! A new blogger friend! I'm so excited to see your blog and I can't wait to check it every day. This will be such a great way for you to process the "blur" of your day. Fun!