Sunday, June 24, 2007

phew...that was close!

Eloise is always coming up with funny sayings. She doesn't know how funny she is yet, so that makes it all the more hilarious.

Today while playing in her room with daddy she stepped up on her stool, leaned against the wall and said "phew, that was close!" What made this even better was that she put her hand on her head.

Daily she amazes me with her communication. This is why we felt is okay to move her to the toddler room at church.

We have been having a bit of tears when going to nursery. She has started to cry once we drive into the parking lot. So today when we arrived at nursery, no one was there. Those of you familiar with Montavilla know that there is an influx of baby girls. There were 5 born the same year as Eloise, she is the youngest.

They all had moved downstairs to the toddlers without our knowledge. To avoid further tears, and b/c Dave was not about to leave her in a crying mess, we marched her downstairs and away she went into the room. She was back with her cronies. There was a little bit of ruffled feathers because she wasn't quite 2, but we are going to continue to bring her to the toddler room. They need a little humor down there.


RachelC said...

LOL... Eloise is such a trip!

TcH said...

oh go ruffle away. That class needs some spice. Our girls outta do it! hee hee