Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pray for jody

My dear friend and mentor, Jody, is heading out tomorrow for the Middle East. She is traveling there to do ministry in Syria, Beirut, and Egypt with a few women who live in the region. Jody will be gone 6 weeks and is going to be missed by so many, including her 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and her husband Dan.

Dan and Jody hold a special place in our hearts as they ministered to us during our difficult time of transition out of ministry. Jody has met with me on a regular basis to talk about the Lord, life with children, and to challenge me spiritually.

I feel emotional about her leaving as this region is pretty volatile toward Christians, Americans, and sometimes women.
I will be praying:

  • that the Lord protects her and those she is working with
  • that her time apart from her family would be bearable
  • that Jody would feel the Lord hand upon her constantly
  • that she would yield the Lord and his lead at all times
If you think of her, please send up a prayer. If you would like to follow her journey you can click on the link on the side.