Monday, July 9, 2007

The beach ball sprinkler

I was looking through a kids magazine a couple of months ago and found this fabulous sprinkler that happened to also be a beach ball. I was SO excited and immediately ordered online for Eloise.

It arrived today!

She hates it. Well doesn't hate it but does NOT want the sprinkler part on. She loves the yard sprinkler we have, but does not like this one. I was so sad. I know she will grow to love it, but I was hoping for immediate attraction.

She did enjoy playing in her pool while we had the sprinkler on. At one point she fell in the pool and said, "oh geez". We really must watch what we say!

I don't think we will be outside the next two days. Temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees and our AC isn't functioning properly. So we will hope for a quick fix tomorrow of the AC and for her to play with the beach ball in a few days.


Jodi said...

That thing is sweet! I bet Jack will love it...maybe if Eloise sees him enjoying it she'll decide to start liking it too.

Jenny said...

That sprinkler looks like so much fun!

I hope you got your AC fixed! eeks although I don't have AC so I don't know what that luxury is. hehe

Got your message...Can you get together this week?

kate said...

jack needs to come hang out, eloise needs him around. if it wasn't hotter than haites outside we could play.

AC is being a little more complicated than we thought. not insulation around the heating pipe. and none in the attic. will be fixed soon, I HOPE.

jenny - call me to hang out. I'm home all week except thursday.