Tuesday, July 3, 2007

a proverbs 31 woman

For some reason this passage has always bothered me. Not because I think it's wrong or misplaced in scripture, but because it seemed like an ideal that was way beyond the reach of any woman.

When I first met Dave we had a conversation about this passage. He seems to believe it's a woman at the end of her life that has achieved all of this. Makes sense. But yesterday while reading it and asking myself a series of questions I realized something else. All of it is works based except for one part dealing with this woman being free from worry and anxiety.

Most tasks in this set of scripture I could accomplish but for me, there is one major part missing. REST.

Those of you that have been reading know that I struggle greatly with rest. It's hereditary. My grandmother passed it onto my mother and my mother passed it onto me. What's funny is that the two of them together can run circles around me and I often have to remind them that I have two children which is why I haven't cleaned my floors in a month! (I've vacuumed, but they want them scrubbed and waxed..uh, no).

I was asking Dave today why this is an ideal for most Christian woman and a major element left out of this is spending time with the Lord? (I'm not projecting my own ideas onto scripture...just curious). Dave again in all his wisdom reminded me that it's in the OT which is works based - Old covenant. Where we live now is the in the New covenant.

I need to spend time building my relationship with the Lord in order to sustain me. My laundry will wait and it will always come around every Friday. My dishes will eventually get washed and the beds will be made. I have to remember that the measure of me as a mom/woman/wife is not how well put together my family is but how much the Lord is reflected in my life.

So I will attempt everyday to spend time with the Lord.

P.S. The sleeping is horrible....I don't think Lily will ever sleep through the night. I am up lots, but we are working through it.


kami nygren said...

Sorry to just barge into your blog. I stumbled upon it from Jodi's site via Cutzi's site.
I love the thoughts you've articulated here...they are the same ones I've been wrestling with lately. I think your husband has the right idea. You could call yourself a Romans 12 woman. My husband and I like I Thes. 5:16-18 too.

Anyway have a great day!

Shelby said...

I admire you Kate for your thoughts and convictions. I need to find more time to read my Bible. I 'need' to make it a priority. You are right...laundry can wait, scrubbing floors can wait!

(: Shelby