Friday, July 20, 2007


A few things I've been meaning to write.

**My grandmother had surgery on Tuesday to remove a portion of her lung infected with cancer. All went well and I talked on the phone with her yesterday. Praise the Lord for a great surgery. We are hoping the pathology report comes back with good news.

Lily once woke once last night! But she ended up spitting up all over her bed and was sleeping in it. yuck! I felt so bad when I got her this morning and she was drenched.

The Morning Marathon.

I've had one of those mornings so far where you are jolted out of bed to the sing song tune of "Mooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyyy". Sometimes I'm so jolted I feel a tad nauseous. Eloise needed milk and I took it to her in bed and put a few toys in her crib to play with. It allows me to go back to sleep for a few minutes. Just after the call from eloise, I heard Lily. I went to her and found her drenched. I had to change her, feed her, put her swaddle blanket in the wash, put her tub, change eloise's diaper, put her in the tub, take lily out and get her dressed, get eloise out and dressed, give eloise breakfast and the finally an hour and half later I'm sitting and eating breakfast. Then not 10 minutes after I'm done, put lily down for a morning nap. Someone would have been exhausted just watching me.

**Watching Eloise this morning I came face to face with the reality that she is growing up. Her independence is improving daily. She even says "by myself". She can now crawl into her car seat, up into her high chair and yesterday climbed up a play structure using the rock wall part.
Where did my baby go??? She is still in a crib, but dangerously close to not fitting soon because she is so tall. Potty training seems just around the corner. She is getting more hair, finally, which makes her seem like even more of a big girl. (no hair cuts yet)
I find because of her verbal abilities, I expect more of her at times. I have to remember she isn't even two yet.

here are some of her funnies lately:

+here's what I heard while dave was changing her poopy diaper.
E - "daddy hurt my bum bum. Daddy kiss it" (kisses are magical in our house for healing everything)
D - "Nope, not going to kiss your bum bum"

+she climbs into bed when dave wakes up around 9:30 and starts jumping. She is really into boobies because mom is nursing. She calls them "boobabies". She climbed into bed today and found daddy's "boobabies". Daddy felt really violated.

+every time she farts or someone else does, she yells, "I tooted" and starts laughing hysterically.

There are so many more. I wish I had a recorder every time she said something funny.

I have changed the name of the blog. I am 99% sure we are not having any more children, but just in case I thought I lead it open for change. 2 could always be 3. But for my sanity, let's hope not.