Friday, July 13, 2007


Before I write this post, I have to remind everyone reading. I am a horrible speller. Dave was reading and made fun of the way I spelled "gnome". I spelled it - Noam - that is a place in Alaska).

With that said, here is my little daredevil. She has little fear, is often lacking in her surefootedness, and frequently hurts herself. We work really hard not to tell her she can't jump off slides just because she is a girl. She is a tough one and if we never have more children, she is our "boy". Doing all sorts of boy things and loving to play in the dirt.

I don't think we will see a princess phase with this girl. Just like her mama. I played with dirt, matchbox cars and NEVER had a Barbie. I think my mother had something against them. Or rather she was frugal and thought it a waste of money. I think I had a fake one...I tried to curl it's hair and wondered why it melted into my sister's curling iron. Now I know's plastic.


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Jodi said...

Oh man, I love tough girls! I was like you- always playing in the dirt and collecting worms.

One of these days I'll blog about my opinion of Barbie dolls- I'm with your mom. Until I do, this article pretty well sums it up. (It's a quick read.)