Thursday, July 5, 2007

the funnies

I was reading the blog of another mom and she listed all the funny things her daughter says and does. Eloise is hilarious. I must do the same.

We are realizing that she repeats EVERYTHING we say! We need to watch ourselves.

here are a few of the last couple of days.

+Nursing lily before bed Eloise comes in..."mama, how you doing?"

+This morning Eloise walks into our room where we have a fan. "Hello fan. What's your name?". the same happened with a fly on our screen door the other day. Except it went like this..."hi bumblebee. what's your name?"

+Yelling out the window today, "Hi daddy...bye daddy....hello daddy" this at the top of her lungs.

+Went to the pool today and she was yelling at everyone on the diving board, "1,2, GO". Then after the splash "oh my goodness sakes".

+everyday in the car while lily is crying "Just a second Lil, Almost there."

+every time we pull into our driveway "We're HERE!".

So, I will keep up with the funnies.

there are many more to come


RachelC said...

She's too much Kate!

cj fisher said...

hey kate--
great to catch up with you and your thoughts via your blog. we'd love to see you in august if it works. your girls are gorgeous and witty--just like their mama. cj