Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Supportive friends

I am so thankful for all of your encouragement. I know that what I experienced wasn't anywhere near life threatening or all that bad. It was just a day when a mama hit the end of her rope. Thankfully there was no injury or major catastrophe that came out of it.

Today we have relaxed. I went for a LONG walk this morning with a friend in the rain. It was wonderful. I am a true Northwestern Lady. I hate the heat and love a good 75 degree day, slightly cloudy with a small breeze. I can leave the windows open to air out the house and I'm not changing my outfit 16 times to avoid stinking from my sweaty body.

As I bask in my exhaustion of yesterday, I am reminded of this woman Jenny. We are connected, not as friends, but through friends of Montavilla. My heart aches for her right now having just been through my second birth. Please pray for Jenny, her husband and their little girls. I am praying for strength for her husband to take care of their two little ones, take care of his wife, and all the while making sure that he is holding himself together.

I am thank God for the healthy lives we have.