Wednesday, April 30, 2008

super cute idea

How cute is this? It makes me want to throw a party right now.

Watching the video makes me wonder how long it would take me to make it look that cute. I'm thinking half a day, 5 hours?

Oh, how cute it would be for Eloise's b-day.


Jodi said...

Those are so cute! I just read a blog post yesterday about petit fours and how incredibly time consuming they are. You could do so many cute things with a garden themed party. So cute.

rebecca said...

And you, Kate, would be the one to do this. Talented one that you are. I fully expect to see a garden party in the future.

Kate said...

Langley would say, "you made me a VEGETABLE cake?!!!, Grammy made me a princess castle and a Dora cake. Where's the Ponies?"

Maybe I would need to make if for MY bday!

amanda said...

seriously cute.

can i come to the garden party?