Monday, January 19, 2009

7 year itch?

Not for this couple.

Today Dave and I celebrate 7 years. I cannot believe it's been that long. I feel like we got married a 2 years ago, not 7.

I love this photo, it was an introduction to guests on our special day.
I thought to commemorate this day I should tell the story of how we met. It's filled with lies (by others) and deception (again, by others) but it ends well, obviously.

In September of 2000 I was working for the INN University Ministries. I was in charge of retreats and had chosen the Firs Conference Center for our location of the leadership retreat. This just so happened to be the place Dave was interning for the year and one of his duties was to be a retreat host.

When I arrived there, I had to meet with Dave. We realized that we had a few friends in common, Will and Angela. Later that evening at dinner he sat with my friend Molly and I where Molly proceeded to work her magic to make a connection. Dave and I were clueless.

When the weekend was over, I called my friend Angela in Portland and mentioned that I had met their friend Dave. My words were, "Hey I met your friend Dave. He's cute and really nice". That's it. Remember those words b/c they will be grossly distorted before this whole thing is over.

This small comment peaked Angela's interest and so she went to work. Her husband Will, one of Dave's BFF's called him and asked, "Was there anyone at the retreat you would want to ask out?" To which Dave responded, "It's a college retreat with lots of girls, of course". Will was still trying to beat around the bush without success. Later that day, their friend Jace, who lived with Dave, took Will's words to another level and told Dave, "Hey Kate thinks your cute and totally wants you to ask her out". those words sound like mine? No.

Over the next few weeks Dave showed up at a few random college events, which he 'just so happened' to come to for food or b/c his friends were there. He even took a big swallow of pride and came to a Freshman 80's dance. He was successful. We ended up talking for 3 hours.

We were able to hang out a few more times before Dave moved back to Portland for 4 months. During our time apart we talked every night for at least 2 hours (I don't think that would happen now) and traveled every other weekend to visit.

A year later he proposed on a very large, ugly boat on the middle of Lake Whatcom. Despite the ugly boat it was a beautiful proposal and we were married 3 1/2 months later.

Happy Anniversary Dave! Love you!


TcH said...

HA! I love your story! thanks for sharing it. You know, I never had heard how you met. I love it!!!
I think I need to hear MORE about the ugly boat and the proposal. I will hit you up for that next time we see each other.


Love you!

Mrs. Butler said...

This is not how I remember it--Dave came to the INN Ice Cream Social, which is intended for freshmen (he was like 38 at the time)! So obvious Dave!! I love it and I love you guys! I'll never forget that 80s dance...I'm so glad I've gotten to be a part of your story. :)xoxo

amanda said...

first of all - great story. second of all happy anniversary!! and third of all - how in the world did you pull a wedding off in 3 1/2 months??

u never cease to amaze me!!

anne said...

Happy anniversary!

Didn't you guys have 2 stories as to how youmet - a his and hers - written in your wedding programs? My memory isn't so great, but that seems to stand out.

Still so happy for you guys!

Cutzi said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

I am totally cracking up though as this is all sounding eerily familiar. Let's see the pattern:

I invite Justin to go make caramel apples with Jace and Jodi. Essentially our first date. Justin was living with Jace and Dave at the time too. Jodi says to me, "Soooo.... what do you think?" I say, "Well, he's nice enough. But kind of dorky. I don't think I'm interested in him in that way."

This then gets translated to Jace who then translates it to Justin as, "Dude! She thinks you're totally hot!! You should totally ask her out!"

11 months later? Married.

Lies or Divine Translation?

Or maybe Jace just needs to get a job with E-Harmony. He's been missing his true calling.

RachelC said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jodi said...

Happy anniversary guys!!!

It sounds to ME like my husband is brilliant. I'm very thankful that he was available to lie on your behalf. :) We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I remember those dating days. I loved that you would come see me in the little cabin....time flies! Happy ANniversary and ENJOY!!! We love you-the Lawrences

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I remember those dating days. I loved that you would come see me in the little cabin....time flies! Happy ANniversary and ENJOY!!! We love you-the Lawrences

kate said...

anne - yes we did have his and her stories.

cutzi - yes, I do think Jace needs a job at eharm.

jodi - he is good.

amanda - yep, 3 1/2 months. My mom is amazing. That's how I did it.

Dena said...

I still have my program from your that weird? :) I think you should know that I have them from EVERY wedding I've ever attended, so I guess it's less creepy. Or not. :)



Dena said...

Did the ugly boat belong to the FIRs? or to Jon Hansen?? :)


Kate said...

I remember walking on the beach with you at girls' weekend and hearing about Dave for the first time and what an unexpected surprise he was! I LOVE you and I LOVE him, what a great team you are!

kate said...

Dena - it's the barge.

katie - I remember that walk too. the Lord knew.