Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

I've discovered some new blogs and some new ideas. Hope you enjoy the fun!

*Eloise loves to play 'I spy'. I think we may try making our own I Spy bottle. This might also be a fun game to take in the car.

*This looks like a fun new site for kid food. I just tried the honey-vanilla waffles this morning and they are great! My kids ate the waffles without anything on them and Lily is begging for more.

*Beautiful artwork that could be inspiring? Or bought if you have the money.

*A good guide for those with toys abounding after Christmas

*I assumed potty training Lily would come quickly b/c of Eloise. She loves the potty and has pooped twice. But I'm just not motivated to work at it. Maybe this will motivate me.

*Church bulletin signs always crack me up, and sometimes make me really angry. But these are funny.

Have a great weekend!


amanda said...

i love love love your friday links!!

thanks friend :)

Cutzi said...

Thanks especially for the kid appetit blog! My favorite kind.

Also - I was about to say that Adia Moon is just about potty trained - she's even told me she had to go the last two days - but then Justin just told me that she pooped her pants.

Ah well.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, I do LOVE your blog so much!! Boise Kate's mom, Martha