Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Valentine's Day used to be my least favorite holiday. I'm fairly certain it had something to do with being single. But now, I'm loving it. I want to teach my girls to express love and this year it seems particularly important for Eloise. Some of these activities have helped her join in on the fun.

*I love these cards. I'm really hoping that Target has the little mailboxes.

*We tried to make these this week and have yet to hang them up.

*I've been having a hankering to make bread and I really want to start with this one. I had cinnamon swirl at Great Harvest and I haven't been to shake the craving.

*Our bedroom has become a dumping ground for our clothes throughout the week. The only day free of clutter is Saturday. And it doesn't stay that way long. So this post was inspiring. Maybe this Saturday I can keep it clutter free until Wednesday.

This is all I have this week. Have a great weekend!


anne said...

Earlier this week, I almost posted something about those cute heart-shaped button cards. Then, I thought about your Friday posts...and I decided to wait to see if it made the cut. :)

I'm so glad to see that you have such great taste! :)

TcH said...

i love that cinnamon bread at Great Harvest. Let me know how it turns out. I might come and steal your loaf.
ha ha ha ha.
you didn't think I would actually make my own did you??? ;-)

Cutzi said...

Your favorite link Fridays are my favorite! Thanks Kate!

Tell me again when your due date is? I guess I could probably divide the 187 days by 7 and do the math - but I'm feeling lazy.

kate said...

Cutzi - it's July 29th. Feels like a LONG way off, but that's okay. I need some time.

anne - I know, aren't they so cute! You are super crafty!

T - keep reminding me to make it, things keep getting piled on top of the recipe and I forget to make it.

amanda said...

i am pretty sure i told you already how much i love these friday posts - but just in case...i love these friday posts :)

as a matter of fact, first thing today i headed to target for the little mailboxes. had to go to two to find them, but it was totally worth it!!

thanks friend!