Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm on fire

The organization bug is back. Tis' the season. I guess this is what everyone does in January. That's why plastic storage bins are on sale at every store you walk into.

So I took to it all. I organized our craft box. I put all the markers, supplies, crayons, etc. into plastic bags and loaded them into one bin. Then it makes for easier searching and a simplier clean up.

here's what I did:

Ah, bliss...

And today, we did a caterpillar craft. I've seen these before, but I went rogue style and created my own. Just take any egg crate, cut off the top, then cut in half. I would use a kitchen knife to cut in half, works much better.

We then punched holes in the egg crates and fished through pipe cleaners. They did have eyes, but Lily quickly figured out she could pull them off, so they are just legs.

They had so much fun. We built homes, walked around the house with them, and Lily even created a bed for her caterpillar. It's amazing what you can do with pipe cleaners and an egg carton.

Eloise took a picture of her caterpillar

Lily created a slide


TcH said...

Oh those are so cute. I remember making those when I WAS in school. And you know, that was eons ago. ha ha.
I might have to have Kambrie steal your idea someday soon. This rain makes me need things for us to do!!!

I LOVE your rubbermaid bin with the plastic Ziplocs. OHHH that could put a person like me right into a joy coma. That looks awesome! Good work mama!

rebecca said...

I have been waiting and waiting to do egg carton crafts with Nik! I have, like, around 8 on a shelf all ready to be turned into all sorts of fun things, but I think i will be waiting a while longer. Boys, they just aren't quite as ready for crafts as us girls.