Monday, January 5, 2009

back on my game

I am managing to dig myself out day by day. It's truly amazing how much pregnancy can knock you down and then take you 5 weeks to get back up. But tonight I made a comeback. I made dinner AND we did an activity. AMAZING.

The dinner part was the biggest. The other night I told Dave, "I'm sorry this dinner is so..." "Lame", he said. Yes, that would describe the last month of meals in our house. A veggie has not passed our lips and it's been filled with lots of dairy, eating out, and carbs. So my kids are loving it.

Our activity: Pudding paint

After dinner, for dessert, I put a small amount of pudding with whip cream on a 'big person' plate. I gave them a few tools and let them go to town. The hand proved to be the best tool. I knew we were having a bath afterwards so I just sat and watched the fun unfold. It felt good to sit and watch them play without feeling tired or nauseated.

Here's some proof of the fun.

who wouldn't love to do this?


Kate said...

oh Kate, you are such a good mama. Seriously!

aimee said...

I understand very well the meaning of LAME... Pregnancy is rough and its crazy how energy levels wax and wane over the months. Looks like your kids had so much fun! Yum!

Shelby said...

Looks like good fun to me! Glad you are feeling better.

amanda said...

thanks for this friend - i was just about to start dinner and needed a way to kick it up a notch!!

i am sure the hubby will love painting with pudding :)

no seriously. he will love it!!