Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Happy linking!

*I thought these were so cute. I can just picture my girls having a bowl full of them.

*Cutest little cheesecakes ever.

*"Did you know that in 2003 parents of 7-12 year olds spent $1.6 million on thong underwear??!!??"
Read more about it in this article. It makes me want to hide my girls away.

*if we ever get anymore snow, this may make it worth it for me

*My kids love this. I need to make some soon. It keeps them occupied for hours.

Have a great weekend!


Dena said...

GREAT article. Scary, but true. Thanks for passing that on...

How you feeling these days??

kate said...

good dena - thanks. btw - did you find out the sex of that little bun in the oven?

Anonymous said...

Awesome Snow Ice Cream. You find some of the best ideas.