Friday, January 2, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

FLF is back and it feels great to be back in the groove of normal life. Here are some fun ones for the weekend.

*If you haven't already recycled them, here is a good use for those empty wrapping paper rolls.

*I used to be a knitter, but since kids came, time doesn't allow it (or rather my patience doesn't). But this no-knit scarf might be fun to try.

*This is really cool. I'm super impressed with this guy and it has my favorite movie of all time, Hoosiers.

*This was a fascinating article.
I particularly like this quote:

"To me it's the most ironic kind of blind spot that we've ever had as parents," she says, including herself in the overpraising demographic. "A whole generation of parents did something all at once. We shifted the viewpoint of parenting from raising a citizen and a member of a family to being overly focused on the self."

*Fun snack idea. My kids love this with olive, hummus, crackers and cheese.

Have a great weekend!


Angela said...

Yeah, my kids love pureed garbanzo beans too. They also enjoy brussel sprouts and beet juice.

The Horne's said...

I love your FLF's by the way!

Shannon said...

Great article! Thanks for sharing.