Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've heard several opinions about noisemaker's. I love them. Anything that will help my kids sleep, I'll try it. And if they never give them up, that's fine with me, b/c I still sleep with one, my fan.

Last night when the power went out at 12:30 a.m., I could hear everything. It was awful. I lay there for two hours listening to every small crack in the floor and making up stories in my mind about what the other possible sounds could be.

You would think I would have come to the conclusion that the noisemaker's are not good b/c fo situations like this. But my children didn't wake once and I managed to fall back asleep just in time to hear the dull sound of my fan return.

I still have faith in noisemaker's.


TcH said...

I love noisemakers!!
when we went to the wedding in September and stayed in a hotel the room was DEAD quiet and I could not sleep. I turned on the fan in the bathroom. ha ha.
When our power went out, Kambrie woke up with in SECONDS!!! Your lucky your kids stayed asleep!!!
I have one with batteries that I ended up putting in her room that night, and we take it on all of our camping trips.
Noise makers rock!!!

Dena said...


Shelby said...

We all sleep with fans. I even bought some battery operated ones for the kids rooms in case the power goes out!

Shelby said...
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