Monday, November 2, 2009

did you know...

...that I forgot my camera on Halloween. Yep, I do things like that often and then wonder later why I don't have pictures of significant events. I'm hoping my memory holds ups. Pretty sure it won't. Hopefully I'll get a sweet camera before then. Here's few my friend Melinda took.

(there is always someone looking away from the camera)

...I love brussel sprouts, but only on Thanksgiving with gravy and mashed potatoes.

...I look for patterns constantly. Ways to organize, structure my day, how things work in patterns, etc... My dad does it too. We'll both catch ourselves looking at something and comment about how the pattern goes. Strange, I know. But it really does come in handy when you want to organize. But not when you have an baby who is not quite ready to fall into a pattern. That's when it drives me nuts.

...Speaking of driving, when Dave and I go anywhere together, I always drive. It saves our marriage. A lot less of me trying to control the situation, him getting angry at other drivers and me becoming anxious b/c I hate conflict.

...our house is 1200 sq ft and we only have 1 bathroom. Yep. It's superfun now that Lily uses the bathroom. Let's just say that Dave is really glad there is another boy in the house that will someday understand how long it takes for girls to use the bathroom and that they have to go in pairs.

...My feet grew 1/2 size bigger when I was pregnant with Eloise and then again when I was pregnant with Sam. I was a 7.5 when we got married, now I'm an 8.5 with alot of extra shoes that don't fit.

...This June it will be 15 years ago that I graduated from high school and 10 years since the last time I was in Europe. Italy, it was a beautiful trip. Am I really that old?


amanda said...

we have the same driving arrangement. i totally understand.

Shelby said...

Oh Kate...I can sympathize with the one bathroom. When we are in the RV, we have one.tiny.bathroom. And now that Josh is potty trained (for the most part), lets just say I use a LOT of sanitizer around the toilet b/c he either can't hold it long enough to get ALL the way on the pot or he is too darn short to aim straight into the toilet. I guess it is partially my fault b/c I don't keep a stool in the bathroom b/c it is SO dang tiny. Get ready...boy potty training is SO much fun (;

The Horne's said...

Oh my gosh, that's what scares feet are a size 12/13 in womens and if my feet grow, I WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh gosh, I hope it doesn't happen.