Tuesday, November 17, 2009

princess thoughts

Being the mom of two girls, it's hard to avoid the princess stuff. At first, when I just had Eloise, I almost insisted that she avoid princess anything. Why such the aversion? Two reasons:

1. Pink. It's alot of pink. Guess what color my girls love--pink and purple. Eloise takes pink, Lily takes purple. I just didn't like pink. Now my life is filled, overflowing, in fact, with pink.

2. the story line of most princess movies. I have a strong reaction to the 'follow your heart for the one true love' story line. When this involves disobeying your parents, I'm definitely not down with that. But I just don't want my girls to grow up thinking that finding that 'one true love' is the be all, end all. I love my husband very much, but he's not number one to me, the Lord is.

With the two above reasons, I threw out a bit of the baby with the bathwater. One thing that little girls love is character's that have a special abilities. It's the fascination with things we can't do. Fly, swim underwater as a human, and twirl with a big dress in a beautiful castle (mama is the princess on the wall in our house in my wedding dress).

Eloise and Lily love Tinkerbell and have mentioned a time or two wanting to watch the movie. We have yet to delve into full length movies, besides Jonah, and I was a little hesitant. I'd never seen Tinkerbell and didnt' know much about the story line. Finally, after much deliberation we decided to rent the first Tinkerbell. And the weird part is, I felt a bit guilty. But I felt guilty b/c I had other people's standards running through my head and had yet to figure out my own.

(cheesy mom moment here) I can honestly say that it was the cutest thing ever to watch the two girls see Tinkerbell for the first time. It was like they were seeing magic come to life right before their eyes. It was heartwarming a bit to see the excitement in their eyes. To see a little bit of their imagination come to life (see I told you, it was cheesy).

So I know there are many varying opinions on watching movies, especially amongst Christian culture, but I've got to tell you, it was super fun and I'm really trying to put aside other people's standards on this one. Each family chooses what is right for them.

Do I love pink? Not really. Do I love princess culture? Not so much. But for my girls, they love the beauty and mystery of it all and if that is all there is to it for them, then I love it. I'll evaluate each movie as it comes.

I'm pretty sure if I had boys first I'd be talking about swords and guns, but since I have girls first, Sam is stuck with the pink. He sure looks entertained here. (not the best pic - something's going on with my camera)


Anonymous said...

I love it friend...enjoy the magic and the priceless imaginary times. They go way to quickly. Sam will come to appreciate princesses:) I cant wait to see you this weekend. Jenny PS I think of you so often...

Cutzi said...

Oh man, I totally could have written this post.

I tried so hard to keep the princess out!! And she just crept her way right in. ;-)

I totally think it's like boys with guns. We're not anti gun - but seriously, it's like it's just ingrained in them to turn everything into a gun.

And now, all of a sudden, Adia is running around saying, "I'm the princess! I'm the princess!" I have no idea how it happened - but I'm more ok with it now. Still not going for Ariel or anything but the pink and the twirly skirts are in. The brother protecting his princess sister with guns is totally in.

Allikaye's Mama said...

You know, I struggled with that exact issue. But then it actually helps Allikaye to understand the concept of God being the King of Kings, and that she is a daughter of the King...a princess! And she is excited to see God on His throne in Heaven too!

Julie said...

I've never liked pink, but with a girl you can't seem to help it. I couldn't even dress her in green and tourqoise without people calling her a boy. So many people are against letting them watch ANY TV before the age of 2. I've spent time feeling guilty, but now I choose to do like you said, "what's best for us."

DARLING picture of the three of them!

AnonyMe said...

No judging from over here, but lots of identifying with you! :) Ditto!

Shelby said...

Oh Kate...we've gone and done it too (and had the same thoughts beforehand as well)!

We haven't tried Tinkerbell yet though. I have to say that she does have Tinkerbell earrings and necklace so I'm sure it is coming.

amanda said...

love the magic of the captured moment!

Dena said...

Issac LOVES pink. Asks to wear Sissy's fuzzy jackets, pink boots, princess underwear--yes, I said it!--and now fights over the princess sippy cup.

But I'm totally convinced that he has NO idea it's girly. He just wants what Sissy is always trying to get!

But when it comes to the dress ups and all the "girl" toys, he wants nothing to do with that.

Confused? or super manly?! :)

ha ha.

I will say this about the princess things--it takes over Jessica, and will often get taken away from her. the dresses, the movies, the vocabulary--it's too much. and funny that it's like a little girls' "right" to have that stuff!?

Thanks Kate--you're such a great mom.

Dena said...

just noticed that sweetie Sam is holding his sisters' hands. A. DOOR. A. BULL!