Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

*it's the month of thankfulness. I found this blog post and was really encouraged to do this in our family. Or at least talk about it.

*I like this blog - Impress your kids

*Super-duper cute Turkey's

*Good Christmas idea for those who like Cooking Light - only $5. I love this mag.

*100 calorie desserts - I need this to get me through the holiday's. (thanks, Casey!)

*Easy DIY - Wall Art. I've been meaning to do this too. Now I have instructions.


amanda said...

a) love the thanksgiving countdown.

b) must make the oreo cookie turkeys.

c) thanks for always sharing such wonderful interweb finds :)

Amanda said...

Amanda's all over the place!

Neat links! I love checking out other crafty mama's!


amanda said...

Only $5! For an aspiring poor housewife to be (at some point in my life....) $5 is definitely doable for a year long subscription. Thanks for the link.

*Wow just looked above me...Amanda overload I'd say. :)

emily said...

While I used to subscribe to Cooking Light, I let it expire but picked up a copy last week in a double Real Simple/Cooking Light package (indulgence for a weekend away ;) and found they (Cooking Light) changed formats recently. I didn't really care for it too much. Albeit, it's the only new one I've read; what do you think?

kate said...

emily - I find a few good recipes here and there. I really love their annual cookbooks and have found a few solid, standard recipes that our family loves. So for $5, I think you might be able to find some good ones.