Monday, November 16, 2009

the ledge connecting our living room and kitchen is lined with:


2 inhalers

air chamber for inhaler



and a medicine dropper

guess what that means?

Sickness has descended upon our household.

Plan canceled and videos ready. Let's see how long it takes us to go stir-crazy. I'm betting 2 days. Any ideas to keep kids happy at home while sick?


Dena said...

living room tents are always a hit!!

Bekah said...

Oh man! I hope everyone recovers soon. We've been passing a cold or two around our little family for the past couple weeks and I am ready to be done.

So, here are my tips for entertaining sick little ones. I recommend a healthy rotation of movies, crafty stuff (playdough, coloring, etc.), and giving them random household items. Examples: give them each a whisk (mine magically turn into swords or guns), cooling racks and a bunch of quicklocks to attach (I save quicklocks just for this purpose). We sometimes build parking garages out of blocks and cookie sheets, but maybe girls would enjoy building a city out of blocks? I have also used and made a music station with Disney songs. And then there is always the couch cushion fort or dining table tent. I am not the most creative mama, but sometimes the best inspiration hits when my eyes are desperately roaming the house looking for *anything* to give them.

Okay, guess I rambled a bit. I hope you guys get through this quickly!

amanda said...

sorry buddy. hoping clean, germ free air invades your house sooner than later and everyone is back to their healthy selves soon!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I was going to say build a tent fort too...just like your other commenter! Movies and snuggles are easy too!

kate said...

bekah - you cannot say that you are not creative. Looking around the rooming and coming up with idea, that's called creative. :) we went and got boxes at a furniture store, we are coloring them now. I'm doing to pull out the tent thing soon too.