Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

SO.....after that crazy last post on my overwhelming day, thought i'd just bring a few links I noticed this week.

*I made this pumpkin dessert this week - great! I'm making it for Thanksgiving.

*I'm going to try this chicken in a crock pot recipe.

*Thinking of getting this cute wooden kitchen for the girls. They love cooking and dress up so I'm setting up areas in their room that help them have been access to those two things and quick clean up at the end of the night. Dress up is another one to tackle soon.

*Cute idea here.

*Deliciously Organic homemade vanilla. I think I may try this. I love vanilla and have tried to make it before, but I don't think I used enough vanilla.


amanda said...

love the kitchen!!

and homemade vanilla? i wish i was that cool :)

happy weekend friend - hope you find some time for you!

Julie said...

I think I'm going to get that same kitchen for my girl! Did you see the $20 off coupon? I've been thinking about your post yesterday... I don't know what it's like because I didn't go through it. I was going to write and tell you I'm jealous of it all - I want another little one SO badly that I can barely breathe at times. Then I thought it would be like someone who couldn't have any kids or had sick kids that I should be greatful of all I have. It's true, but hardly helpful at the time. So, I hope that it passes quickly and you come out the other side stronger! Longest comment ever... :)

TcH said...

Kambrie gives the kitchen her approval. I opened up the link and she said "that looks cool, that looks better than my kitchen"

Amy @ Finer Things said...

So glad you enjoyed THE Pumpkin Dessert. ;-) It's our favorite. Thanks for linking to it!

Dena said...

eating said pumpkin dessert right now. OH. WOW. YUM!