Monday, November 9, 2009


Today was a fantastic day. And there were several events that could have turned it sour quickly. Like buying a pink/purple leap pad on e-bay and having it arrive in the mail and not knowing what to do. I only had one. ONE people. I have two girls who love pink and purple. Eloise's leap pad that she got from Nana on her birthday is orange (the only one they had).

I stared at the box, while Dave laughed hysterically b/c he was about to leave for work. Immediately I called Angela. I asked, "you know what happens when you only have one sword, or one Thomas the train around the house?" She said, "Oh yea, I run out and immediately buy another one".

So I told her of my predicament. She concurred with Dave and laughed too. "Don't give it to them yet and order another one immediately", she says.

Now I know what some of you are thinking here. Time to teach those kids about life not being fair. But I've got to be honest here, now's not the time. There are plenty of other times I plan on teaching that lesson.

I fought with myself to what to do. I was really excited to give this to them, really it's for Lily, but let's be honest, Eloise is going to hijack that thing faster than I can get it out of the box.

I open the box, it came with a princess game. Bingo! I'll give the leap pad to Eloise and the game to Lily.

They wake up from their naps (another unfortunate dilemma considering they are both awake still and it's 9:40) and I decide to jump in with both feet. Dave is practically running out the door to work to avoid the disaster that is about to unfold.

I give Lily the game first and she is so excited. The I pull out the coveted pink/purple leap pad and Eloise grabs it immediately, hugs it to her chest and says, "thank you mama, thank you so much for my pink and purple leap pad". It was SO cute.

Lily is too engrossed in the princess game with the orange leap pad to notice. 30 seconds later her head whips up and she's begging for a turn.

Let the timer setting begin. 10 minutes for you and then 10 minutes for you.

Ebay here I come.


Julie said...

Uh oh, I don't even know what it is. Guess I'd better go check out Toys R Us huh?

kate said...

It's by Leap Pad. the name is escaping me. I'll link to it.

amanda said...

brilliant mama.

just brilliant.

ps - i love how you said now is not the time! i laughed out loud!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like it WAS a great day!!

And your little girls just sound adorable.