Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bad mommy moment

So yesterday we went to open gym at Gymnastics. It was really fun, besides following Eloise around and preventing her from cutting in line or walking in front of a rope swing with a 7 year old dangling from it.

On our way home I had to run a few errands. I wanted to be quick b/c it was lunchtime and I knew they needed naps.

First, Costco had a great sample day. I basically fed my girls lunch while shopping. They loved everything.

Since I had the great fortune of getting one of those coveted up-close parking spots, when I walked out, 7 cars were waiting. Flustered, I threw the girls in the car along with my groceries. I buckled Lily in and headed for the bread store.

The bread store is a short trip down the freeway on our way home. When I got the bread store, I looked back and Lily was sleeping. I opened Eloise's door to hand her something before I ran in (which is within 20 feet of me, don't worry) and I noticed that I DIDN'T STRAP ELOISE IN HER CARSEAT!!!!!

I have NEVER done this before. I was mortified! I said I was sorry about 50 times.

After getting our bread and heading home, Eloise was in the back saying, "I'm so sorry, mama". Good thing she doesn't really get it yet.

Phew, that was close.


TcH said...

Been there, done that... TWICE! ack!! Both times K was a NEWBORN and we put her in her snugride, covered her with a blanket and didnt strap her in. Ugh. Made my heart fail!

I did it again the other day but this time Kambrie melted down and screamed and said "Mommy,mommy mommy IM NOT STRAPPED IN"
It was cute, sad and scary all at the same time!!!

McMommy said...

No lie, I have trained Matty to say "MOMMY, YOU FORGOT TO BUCKLE ME IN!" if I forget because I have done that so many times.

You are SO not alone!!

amanda said...

oh i sooo know this is going to be me one day!!

i cringe just thinking about doing all the things that i said i'd never do as a mom!!

AnonyMe said...

Add another to the list! I've done it before and also taught Zora to tell me if I don't buckle her up!

Jodi said...

I'm impressed this is the first time you've ever done it! I think I've only ever done it to Jack twice, but now he's at the age where if I get into my seat without buckling him he'll immediately start squealing and laughing and yelling, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" And trust me, that happens a lot.

kate said...

thanks ladies. I am so glad I'm not alone. I think I'm going to teach eloise now to tell me if she's not buckled in. Great tips!

Kate said...

I did this once, and Langley still tells people, "One time, My mommy forgot to buckle my care seat". Aggg, now we have the booster, I love the booster, just one buckle and you're good to go!

aimee said...

Glad I am not alone! It is truly one of the worst feelings ever! We as mom's spend all of our time protecting our dear angels's from poison, drowning, sharp object, choking, etc- and then to realize that in a moment of franticness, the one that thing might actually be life saving...forgotten! I have had that happen at least 5 times, due to blankets covering the straps, and oh man, each time I am almost in tears at the thought of all of the 'what ifs.' Praise the Lord that He has grace for all of us who have had this happen, and that he got us home safe and sound.