Monday, April 7, 2008

inhumanely exhausted

I read on this cute moms blog, that while raising her boys she is often "inhumanely exhausted". I love that term. Raising little ones is exhausting beyond the norm.

Last night I laid down at 7:30 after putting lily to bed. Dave and Eloise were watching TV and Dave suggested I lay down in bed. Okay, sure, I'll just take a small nap and then get up. Well I didn't get up until 6:30 a.m!!!! Of course, to the sound of Lily yelling "mama".

After pukefest, family in town and making several meals this weekend, and both girls being up every 2 hrs the night before, my body was done. As most who know me, know that I don't sit down. Well this time, I couldn't actually stop my body. I was nauseated from being so tired. I was inhumanely exhausted and now just slightly refreshed.

As a side note: When I was a new mom, I would have been bitter reading this. I actually thought I would never sleep for 8 hours again in my life. It almost brought me to tears. So those of you reading as new moms, I promise, you will sleep again. I've had two "not so good" (angela is yelling right now) sleepers, and I've made it through.


McMommy said...

I'm reading your blog and am thinking..."inhumanely exhausted"? That is SO me today.

Wait a second...that IS me!! (Thanks for linking me or else I might not have realized it was me. ha! That sounds funny. I'm a little delirious from lack of sleep today.)

Angela said...

Yes, I am yelling. And you know why.

Angela said...

Yes, I am yelling. And you know why.

rebecca said...

With just Nikolas I would have been yelling at you right now, but with the second one I was determined to sleep much earlier and I have actually been successful. So, I can finally agree that, YES, us mamas do eventually sleep again.

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