Thursday, April 10, 2008

things I know about road trips and other funny stories

We are back and glad to be here. What an amazingly wonderful and incredibly exhausting trip. I loved the time we had with friends and the restful moments with my parents.

Here are a few of my favorite tips for travel:

1. While driving, if your child sneezes and has snot running down her nose, try not to vomit when she starts playing with it and licking it off her hands.

2. When arriving to your destination, remember that your children will not sleep well the first night and it will take you anywhere from 1 - 2 hrs to put them to bed.

3. Never travel without your spouse or a friend. Parenting alone is hard work.

4. Utilize your car for as many naps as possible. It will guarantee peace for a tired mama.

My favorite story from the trip:

While visiting my friend Michelle and her 3 kids (see pic below - the newborn, baby Gwenyth is sleeping) we had some interesting potty experiences. Eloise walks up to me and says, "You wait here, I'll be right back" and heads off to the bathroom. Michelle is in process of remodeling and there are no bathroom doors at the moment, just a shower curtain. She's in there for a while so I sent Logan, 5, to check on her. About 3 minutes later, they both walk out.
Suprised, I asked, "Did you wipe?" "No" Logan replied, "I wiped her". Hmmmm. "Well", I said, "could you both go back and wash your hands?" Sure. And they both walked back into the bathroom and spent the next 10 minutes working as a team washing one another's hands. Oh, and 1/2 the bottle of handsoap was missing after this. I told Dave this story later that night. After laughing hysterically, he suddenly felt horrified that a 5 year old boy had touched his daughter's bum.

A few of my favorite photos:

Eloise, Lily, Aidan, & Bella

They belong to my beautiful friend Willow (where we stayed)

Michelle's new baby Gwenyth

Her other cute kids, Logan and Meg

The 5 year old potty helper

Lily enjoying the sunshine

Lily on the way home
(is my music really that bad?)

ahhh...glad to be home.
McMommy - I haven't forgotten about the meme, I promise!


Cutzi said...

I just realized which Michelle belongs with those cutie little kids. How fun! And exciting that they have new, sweet little Gwyneth.

You're lookin' good in your new black shoes. In honor of you, I bought myself a pair of new black shoes while we were on our trip. Oregon ya know... no tax. Why buy anything anywhere else?

I'm glad you had a great time! Loved the bum story.

kate said...

Cutzi-thanks for spelling gwyneth right. For the life of me I couldn't remember it last night.
Oregon is the best place to buy. I love no tax, b/c then you really do get 10% off, it's not just a discount of tax. Which black ones did you buy?

amanda said...

yeah you are home!!

thanks for all the travel tips - i am sure they will come in handy someday soon :)

and how funny is your story about the potty assistant!! even funnier when eloise is all grown up and reads this :)

Cutzi said...

Ha! I didn't even notice that you had spelled it differently. ;-) It's only because I read this blog all the time and see it spelled.

I bought these ones (in black)- they're still en-route. I let my grandma buy the ones they had at the store - which is funny 'cause I thought they were a little too hip for an 80 year old grandma... I had to pay $10 shipping though which pretty much nixed the no tax. But they're super cute - cuter on than I thought they would be.

Anonymous said...

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