Friday, April 25, 2008


My mom, sister and I are taking a trip to NYC in August. August? Yes, August. I know, humidity, heat, eck. (I can't muster up what it feels like to be in the warm weather considering the cold spell we have had). But this is the only time my sister can get a break and it's really a trip for her 40th b-day. I'm tagging along.

This is big trip for a few reasons:

One. My sister and I are 9 years apart. (I was not an accident. My parents just took a long time to decide. Really!) The age difference has not facilitated the best sibling relationship. She was married when I was in the 8th grade and had kids when I was a junior in high school. But the years have brought about the process of healing and we are about to attempt another trip as mom and daughters. (We traveled to San Diego right before I got engaged about 7 years ago and let's just say, it didn't go so well.) Now having 2 daughters of my own, I see this in a whole new light. I'm doing this for my mom. To give her a wonderful, joyous trip to remember with her girls. I did not have that attitude traveling to San Diego.

Two. First time apart from Lily. And first time apart from both girls for more than 2 days. I suggested to Dave that he take the girls up to my parents. My sister's kids will be there with my dad. My girls love their teenage cousins and feel very much at home at my parents. He thought it might be kind of cool to stay home and handle things on his own. hmmm. I told him I wouldn't even do 6 days on my own. But if he wants to take on the challenge, so be it. So we're going to try a few practice runs first.

Three. Neither my sister or myself have been to NYC. Frankly, I've never really had a desire to go. BUT....I know that there are really fantastic things to do there. So I need some help. Those of you who have been to NYC, let me know your favorites and "must-do's while there". For those of you who haven't been there, what would you want to do if you were going to NYC?


Jodi said...

Well, I was about to tell you how much I'd love to help out with the girls if Dave decides to stay home, but then I remembered I'll have a 3-week-old. So....never mind.

Never been to NYC but someday when we go I want to hit all the little places to eat that I've heard so much about. None of which I can remember right now, of course.

I'm excited for you!

Kate said...

Go see a show, shop 'tll you drop! Are you saving all of your personal money?

amanda said...

oh i have tons of things you need to do!! we lived there for two years and my list is long!! i actually have a nyc to-do list that i used to give my friends before they would go visit...want me to email it to you??

McMommy said...

A stroll down 5th Ave. It's just so amazing.

I'm also kind of dorky and loved the NBC studio tour. It was cool...we got to see the SNL set and the Conan O'Brien set and Rosie set.

kate said...

Amanda - I would love your list. my email is

mcmommy - I thought about doing that, the NBC tour. And I thought of you in regards to regis and kelly and maybe hitting a show

jodi - thanks for the offer. I'm all about the food places too.

kate - ha know I'm saving the personal money, and some joint too;)

amanda said...

sent you the email :)

Katie said...

Ok NYC tips... Definitely go see a Broadway show, or two. So fun! I also think no girl trip to NYC would be complete without a trip to see the FABU Tiffany's! Sigh...Its overwhelmingly sparkly. I love sparkle. I had fun just wandering Central Park and of course I love museums so I enjoyed the Met and Guggenheim both. Just enjoy wandering the city and eating in fun resturants but remember there is NOTHING cheap in NYC except food from carts on the streets which I don't buy. Oh and I guess you can buy a cheap knock off Kate Spade bag like I did. ;-)