Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family Cleaning Night

About a month ago, on a Sunday, we were driving home from delivering meals. I was feeling really overwhelmed and not at all wanting to clean up the kitchen, let alone the house.

In my mind, I was secretly hoping someone had come to my house, cleaned my kitchen, scrubbed my floors and dusted. I was snapped back into reality the moment I walked into my smelly home (smelly from cooking, not from dirty diapers, in case you were wondering).

Then it came to me, Family Cleaning Night. I got all excited and declared the evening family cleaning night. Mommy would sweep and Daddy would vacuum. Eloise squealed in delight and ran to get her broom and other cleaning supplies. Dave just shook his head hoping and wishing I had not just said what he thought I said. I did indeed honey, YOU are vaccuming the house. He saw how excited the girls were and jumped in on the fun.

Now every Sunday night after dinner, we turn on whatever music Eloise wants to listen to, which is usually this Veggie Tales 70's night (it makes me want to run out of the house screaming Serenity Now every time I hear it - Thanks Shannan). Then we get to work. Eloise and I sweep and then scrub the floor with Method floor cleaner. She loves to squirt and wipe.

It takes about 30 minutes to get everything picked up and back in order. The best part is watching Lily chase the vacuum around and try to unplug it when Dave isn't looking.

Now this all sounds very Cleaver family-ish. I assure you, it, we, are not. Just another sneaky way that mama is incorporating the family into her duties. Oh, and teaching my girls a little bit about work ethic, I guess that's the important part.


amanda said...

love this idea :)

and love me some method!! truly addicted!! i even fell in love with them more when my mop broke and they sent me a coupon for a brand new one!!

Angela said...

I'm going to start calling you June.

Excited to see you tomorrow, June.