Friday, April 4, 2008


Did anyone else see this? Visions of Sixteen magazine and my bedroom in 8th grade decorated in NKOTB posters are dancing in my head.

Are they seriously doing a reunion? Who is going to attend their concerts? Women in their 30's? Do they have new stuff or are they still singing Hangin' Tough?

What's next, a 90210 reunion?

I'm so eager to see how this is all going to play out.


Kate said...

oh my gosh...I would totally go! Only if they are NOT singing new stuff though. that would be awful!

TcH said...

yes yes yes!!!
I want to go sooooo bad. I sent out an APB today to all of my friends to gather the Aqua Net. We MUST achieve mall bangs! Find those stretch jeans, peter pan boots and scrunchie socks!!! We must rock this concert.

My favorite was Donny. Who was yours?


kate said...

My fave was the young, blonde one. Jon? I can't even remember, I guess I wasn't a dedicated fan.

katie - that's true, it would have to be old stuff to be a good concert.

t - great recap of the outfit

RachelC said...

They can't sing new stuff! The screaming and yelling fans crack me up! Did they all forget to grow up in the last 15 years? Hmmm, maybe it's time to take down the wallpaper of posters ;)

tch - I can't believe you just described my clothing from middle/high school!

Joey was my dream....

McMommy said...

My favorite was Jordan!

Do you think they'll have a little nursery with babysitting services available so we moms (their fans of 15 years ago) can attend the concert? Or maybe it will be one big playgroup so we can bring the kids. :)

amanda said...

fellow nkotb lover and mcmommy reader...had to say hi :)

also - the 90210 reunion is true!!

love the mall bang reminder from tch...adding that to my to do list b4 the big event!!

Angela said...

FYI, saw them in concert, FROM THE THIRD ROW, at the Puyallup Fair in 1989. Top that ladies.

Is Donny participating? Because he is an actual, fairly respectable movie star (Band of Brothers--awesome). Wouldn't this be a BIG step down?

RachelC said...

Can't top 3rd row... but I did see them 5 times! (super embarassed here...)

Anonymous said...

That's right! NKOTB is BACK! It's True!
I just love New Kids On The Block!
Listen to their new song 'Click Click Click' at
I Love It!