Sunday, April 27, 2008

Magnificant Weekend

This weekend was the best! And we all have colds. How does that work?

It's works b/c it was finally sunny. For crying in the night, it's been a month since we've seen it around here. We've seen alot of rain and even snow. Yes, snow! This is Oregon, not Ohio.

As some of you may know, I do not like Summer, and I do not like the sun. During the summer months, I spend as much time in the shade as possible. It's not b/c I have fair skin and burn easily, I just don't like being hot and sweaty.

However, yesterday and today, I loved. It was low 70's, high clouds with sun peaking through and a cool breeze. If only the entire summer could be this nice.

Everyone jumped at the chance to finally mow their lawn. We took the opportunity too. Eloise helped us weed the front flower beds while lily took her nap. Eloise was in heaven. There were tons of lady bugs. She would pick them up and carry on 5 minute coversations with each one. She would ask them what they liked to eat, where their mommy was, do they like to eat dirt, etc. Then she would flick them off and offer them some dirt by piling it on top of the poor thing. It was so cute. She even put on my gloves and helped dave put yard debris in the can. That kid loves to be dirty.

After naps we drove to Ikea for $1 ice cream cones and then to the airport to watch planes. It was a slow day, very few planes.

My house was a mess and I loved it. Today we cleaned and played again. Dave and Eloise spent most of the day with their new Mega Bubble Gun. I sent Dave to pick out a bubble maker so we were released of our duty to stand there. And he came back with this Giganto bubble gun which we still have to do.

Here's my most favorite pics(I'm really bummed it's a bit fuzzy - I need a new camera). I love that Dave is the daddy of two girls. It's so precious.


TcH said...

AWWW that is a really great picture.

I agree, this weekend was FABULOUS!!! Loved the weather. I was also thinking I wish all summer could be this way. It was perfect.

BTW, you looked so cute at church today. LOVED those jeans and shirt you had on!

Jodi said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT! It was about stinkin' time we had some good weather. I'm glad your cute little family had such a fun weekend.

Love the picture, too. I can sharpen it a bit in Photoshop if you'd like.

amanda said...

such a sweet picture :)

and can we sit in the shade together this summer?? seriously i was the girl in the back of the ambulance every year at field day with 3rd degree burns.

stupid field day.

kate said...

jodi - I'll take you up on sharpening that pic. I love it.

amanda - glad we could hang together, everyone seems to love the sun

rebecca said...

I love your after nap trip to Ikea and the airport. Nik would LOVE that!
Definitely need to do another bubble machine run. I LOVE our bubble machine and will never blow another bubble AGAIN!