Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hansel & Gretel

My parents are in the process of building a new house. Therefore, my mom is shelling off all of our old crap to clear out her basement. One of the few items I kept from this lovely exchange was a bundle of books I had when I was growing up.

All of the books are illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. This is where I fell in love with the name Eloise. Not this Eloise. One of the books she illustrated was Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm.

Eloise loves the Little Einstein's. They did a remake of Hansel and Gretel a while back. It was pretty cute, but the witch left a lasting impression. We often talk at night about how when she is scared of the witch, she can pray or come get mommy.

After digging out the books, I put them on a shelf in her room for display. One night I found the above title and thought, How cute, it will be just like Little Einstein's. WRONG!!!

Let's just say that the witch has different intentions. Such as, eating the little children. Fortunately, I skimmed the book before reading and landed on this line:

"Now, although the old woman seemed so kind,
she was really a wicked witch who ate little children.
So, while Hansel and Gretel were sleeping,
she was thinking of the fine meal she would have"

What!?! I don't remember this when I was a kid. Did my mother really read this to me?

The best part, at the end of the story, Hansel and Gretel shove the witch into the fire and take off with her jewels. And, "they were able to live comfortably and happily ever after". hmmmm.

Still in horror I told Eloise that we weren't going to read the book. She broke into "the meltdown". You know the one that takes forever to bring them back. Where you are just thinking of anything to get them to stop. Anything just short of bribing them with candy.

Could someone please tell me why my parents generation thought this was wholesome? Or rather, a good idea to read this to small children?

some unforgettable images:

I think they forgot about the support system for the chest

Just waiting to eat Hansel

Now that is some fine literature.


amanda said...

too funny honey!!

i discovered the same thing when beans got a new nursery rhyme book! seriously it is a wonder we all turned out ok!!

McMommy said...

That is like the jack-knife in the Little Engine that Could book!!!

Why didn't we ever notice this before??

p.s. You had me laughing with the missing "support system"!

Anonymous said...

OMgoodness....that is so funny. I know I had that book but I also don't remember it being that violent.